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About The Canadvocate

The Canadvocate is dedicated to advancing Canada’s position as a leading 21st Century world power. On our site you will find a substantial database of articles, links and other resources documenting Canada’s unique strengths and their relevance to the world’s new geo-political order and the world’s new global economy and community.


The Canadvocate and its contributors will bring you all the latest news and editorial regarding the increasingly visible role that Canada will play on the world stage as well as reports and opinion on the leading global economic, political, and cultural issues of the day and on Canada’s ability to take a leading role in addressing these issues.

The Canadvocate also aims to dispel the numerous myths and misconceptions of Canada and, in their place, establish the notion that Canada and Canadians are best poised to be “first among equals” in what is becoming an increasingly multi-polar world.


Also, The Canadvocate believes that Canada can, will and should lead the world in what needs to be a truly global effort to ensure the sustainability of the planet. The Canadvocate encourages robust debate on these topics so please register with us and feel free to comment. Also, please tell everyone you know who may not know the truth about Canada to visit the Canadvocate.

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